The feeling

this feeling, these emotions. they are becoming too much. so many have ripped pieces from my being. and so here i sit, in a drowning pool of anger, regret, and revenge. it builds. slowly but surely. the eye will have its revenge. not even i am safe. sometimes i look over my shoulder, spying on me conspiring against myself. why me. not me. them. all of them. and why? because. 

is there really any better reason to watch yourself stab you in the back? sometimes i'm not in control. and how could i be? i could never be as strong as myself. sometimes i sit, and i stare. wondering what i'm wondering. does he know? can he know? no.. that's not possible.. but one day he will have all of their attention. and everybody will cry, and wonder why. 

i gave you a map, i showed you the signs. its not my fault, you cant read between the lines. so don't turn back. don't try to run. because chasing you, will be all too much fun. he watches you cry, watches you weep. he even stare, when you're deep asleep. his fingers stretch long, his reach is wide. so don't think there's anywhere, you can go to hide. 

the eye is free, from you to me. i will see it all. i will watch you fall. so please, just don't struggle at all. let it come slow, you know you deserve this. 

and how can you deny, what happened between you and i. i don't forget, only remember. so lets not make this all about pain. this is all about claiming my pieces. the once you have all stole. but now i've come back, to rip them from your soul. and once again, become whole.

ahhhh.. This feeling~

The End

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