Draft one

Lerus destroys lives whereever he goes. Critiques needed and wanted.

“I thrust my sword into the back of the weakling, his life is not worth anything.  Running through the battlegrounds I have my eyes set on my next victim.  I can smell his fear, his sweat.  I lust for his death to come and fill my black heart.    In one blow I take him to the ground, he is not dead yet, I want to savor the moment.  I jab my sword into his gut, deep enough so my hand can feel his hot flesh and blood spurting from the wound.  I twist my sword and look into the eyes of fear.  I laugh as the body twitches beneath me.  I turn my blade slowly and take pleasure in knowing that my blade is scraping at the insides of the creature.  The twitching stops and the dead body lays motionless.  My pleasure is gone and is its soul.  Yet, its blood is still on my hands, so I use them to brush my hair back.  The blood will be with me forever.”


I look to my maiden; she is standing at the sides of the battlegrounds awaiting me.  I throw my sword and shield aside and stride to her.  Her white tunic is flawless in the sunlight, the shape of her body invites me to come and conquer her.  I grab her firmly about the waist and pull her body to me, allowing her tunic to slip off her shoulder, showing a hint of her needing breasts.  I scoop her into my arms, she puts up no struggle and she knows that she is mine and will give herself to me eagerly.  Her hot breath hits my neck and she cries to me to take her quickly.   I throw her on the bed and she pulls her tunic above her waist screaming in passion for me to take her.  I bring my strong, able body to her, to quiet her screams.”


“But then what do you know about this?  You’re nothing but a goat!”  Lerus looks down at one of his family’s long time goats.    He held the dagger in his hands and slowly slit the goat’s throat.  The goat began to scream and then gurgled as the life drain out of it.  Lerus held it as its body twitched.  The poor goat had stopped giving milk weeks ago.  Lerus knew it would be a small matter of time till his father asked him to put an end to the useless animals life.  He had awaited this day longingly.  For him, taking another’s life made him stronger.  As if the essence of their soul slipped gently into his black heart.


“Lerus, are you done with that goat?  We’re taking it to the barracks.”  His father called from the wagon.


Lerus carried the small goat to the cart and threw the body into the back.  “Don’t understand why those heathens should eat what I kill.  I think we deserve the meat more.”


“We’ll have plenty of meat.  This is why we get the special privileges we get!  Let’s move quickly.  I have matters to deal with in town.”  Lerus watched as his scrawny father climbed onto the wagon.  A small elderly man with a scrawny build.  He made a good life as a farmer; though Lerus’s wishes his father would have been a soldier.    He can’t imagine his father ever being a soldier; he barely had enough strength to lift a basket of grapes.  If hair were muscle though his father would be an ox.  His body was covered in gray hair.  Lerus ended up looking just like his father, except his hair was black as the midnight sky.  His eyes were just as black, that is why Lerus believes that inside of him there is a black heart.  Lerus is the son of Draximus, the old farm keeper who makes his living delivering food to the soldiers barracks every morning.  Every morning Lerus help his frail father load the cart with heavy sacks of flour and figs and grapes.  Sometimes they even added a pig.  They deliver the food to the barracks of the soldiers and then return to the farm where Lerus knows that he will stay for the rest of his life.  The trip to the barracks every morning always crushes Lerus’s spirits of ever leaving the life of a farm boy


Lerus walks beside the cart guiding it along.  He keeps his eyes to the ground, staring at his scrawny feet and legs.  He has no need to look ahead of himself.  He already knows what is there.

They would be cresting the hill soon.  At the peak of the hill he would be able to overlook the entire village of Romulus.   Lerus let out a big sigh as they reached the peak.   The glint from the sun reflecting in the soldiers shield ahead of them pierced his eye.  He mourned this view every morning.  It was the same daily, which meant that Lerus’s life was the same daily. 




            As the cart makes it way down the hill Lerus passes the same peasant houses.  Women are throwing out dirty water from windows and doors.  Babies are beginning their cries for milk.  The same sounds that are heard every morning on the same road.  Draximus is mumbling to Lerus about the village.  It is the same story every day. 


            Years ago before Lerus was able to pick grapes a great drought took over the village.  Many farmers lost their crops.  So many people starved and some even left the village to find other places to live.  When word passed about the drought the soldiers came to town.  They built the barracks in a village where there was a drought and little food.  After the barracks were finished being built a terrible storm attacked the village.  Rain poured and the wind blew for days.  All of the farms were crushed and ruined.  But Draximus was the only farmer who was able to raise his wheat once more.  His crops were spared and he was able to provide to the barracks.  Now Draximus is well respected and known in the village.  Their family is honored to provide to the barracks.  The General looks over them and takes care of them.


            “So many years I’ve walked this road.”  Draximus says.  “Someday Lerus, you will walk this road alone.”


            “No father, I’ll always have my shadow here.”  Lerus says and glides his hand over his favorite horse’s neck.


            “I may not be here much longer Lerus.”  His father says with more distress in his voice.  “I had a dream last night.  My time here is falling short.”


            Lerus sighed and kept his head to the ground.  This conversation happened often, his father had dreams of his death.  It was always traumatic and came with disgrace on the family.  The farm always died with him.   Lerus learned early to make this walk every morning with his face to the ground.  One reason was so his father didn’t see the look of boredom and disrespect on his face and the other was because he was tired of seeing the same village everyday.


            They neared the barracks and Draximus stopped the cart.  “I expect you to stay with me.  Don’t wander off today.”  Lerus rolled his eyes at his father.  The last ten years his father has had to tell him every morning to stay with him. 


            “You don’t have to tell me this anymore father.  I won’t wander and look around.  I’m not a child anymore.”  He said looking at the sky.


            “Just keep your nose out of trouble today Lerus.  Don’t disgrace me again.”


            Lerus huffed at his father and brushed his long, unkept, black hair from his face.


            “Stay away from her today Lerus.  Please.” 


            Lerus turned and looked at his thin and graying father.  “You don’t have to worry about that father.  She’s above me.  Remember, you already told me all about that.”


            They lead the cart into the barracks center.  Some soldiers were walking about and lining up their shields and swords.  They were preparing a team to leave soon.  Mostly servants walked about the center making preparations for the day.  A feast was to be held the next evening so many servants were discussing plans.  Two servants walked to the cart to take the food out.  Lerus started to unload the heavy bags of flour when she appeared in a doorway.


            Her beauty always entered a room before her.  Her voluptuous figure and blonde hair stood out above all else.  Her blue eyes invited you to take your clothes off and skinny dip in the most pure of water.  She was the woman of his dreams and the one he will never be allowed to have.

The End

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