Chapter 7 - Myriad Of ColoursMature

Em let her hand slide over the cold metal hand rail as she climbed the steps to the third floor.  After her morning coffee, she hadn't spent much time in her house.  She had dressed quickly and left with no real destination in mind.  Her driver had taken her into town and she had left the car to wander aimlessly.  It wasn't long before her feet found their own path.  And she couldn't really complain; it was probably best if she wasn't by herself right now. She stopped at the door and ran her fingers over the number five before knocking.  

Holly opened the door and exclaimed with delight.  "Em!  Come in!"  Em was pulled into an embrace by her cousin and tried to make it seem convincing while at the same time trying not to crush her unborn baby.  She was pulled into the hallway of the small flat and hear the door click closed behind her.  "Yeah, I was just in the neighbourhood and thought that I may as well see how my little cousin was doing."  Holly grabbed her by the hand and led her into the kitchen, traversing various pieces if furniture as she went.  Em normally just learned the layout of houses, but with Holly being alone so much these days, she had a habit of rearranging the furniture while Danny was out.  

"Would you like some tea?"  Holly asked jovially. 

Em took her coat off and hung it over the back of the chair.  "Yeah sure.  How are you by the way?"  

Holly began making the tea.  "Oh I'm alright you know.  Getting cabin fever being stuck in this house all day though."  She chuckled to herself.  

Em focused on her with concern.  Em was blind everyone knew that.  But what they didn't know was that as much as she couldn't see what they could, she could see so much more than them.  And right now she could see that Holly wasn't telling her everything.  No one knew that she could do this, mainly because every time she said the word 'aura' she felt like a complete fraud, even though she knew it was the truth.  Normally Holly was a surrounded by a golden orange/yellow glow, which had shifted recently to more of a pink/orange glow when she had become pregnant.  Em was the one to make her take a pregnancy test.  But when she hiding something, her colour changed to a dark, evil looking blue.  

"Holly?"  Em asked slowly as she was handed the tea.  

"Mmmh."  Holly replied.  She was searching through the cupboards for something.  

"I know that somethings up and you know I will get it out of you whatever way I must."  Holly closed the cupboard and set a packet of biscuits down on the table.  She sighed.  "I know.  Your the only one that I can't fool aren't you?"  Holly said with a sad smile.  

"And thank God for that."  Em answered her, taking a biscuit.  "So come on, tell me whats bothering you."  

"Only if you tell me whats bothering you."  Holly said smugly.  

Em pressed her lips together.  "I guess we just know each other a little too well don't we?"  

"All I know is that you never appear at my door unexpected without needed to talk.  And I'm glad that I am useful for something these days."  Holly tone had turned sour. 

"So that's it then; you think you aren't needed and that your just a burden on everyone around you right?"  

Holy held her tea between her hands and watched the steam rising from it.  "It's more than that though.  At least before I could achieve something, I could do something.  I could study and work and now Danny has to do everything and he has to get his friends to come and visit so that I'm not driven insane here by myself.  And now that the baby's nearly born..."  she placed a hand on her bloated belly.  "I just wonder whats going to happen to me.  Is Danny going to be more interested in the baby than me?  Or is he going to get sick of the baby and resent me for making him do this?"  She looked at Em.  Her expression was full of sympathy without a trace of pity.  She could not admit any of this to anyone but Em.  Not even Danny.  Especially not Danny.  

"And your scared you can't do this and your going to hate Danny for convincing you to keep the baby or that you just won't know what to do when it's time to leave here again."  Holly lowered her head in shame.  She couldn't hide anything from Em.  She saw things that the sighted couldn't even fathom.  Holly didn't answer her.  "Look, Holly, you know that you are not forcing Danny to do anything.  He chose all of this  himself.  And he loves you, and i mean really loves you, I haven't seen a love like that... well ever.  He will never resent you and he will never wish that you hadn't kept the baby or that he hadn't stayed with you."  

"I know, but-"  Holly tried to interrupt.

"And as for the rest,"  Em continued, ignoring her.  "Danny has told me himself that his friends need a place to come and they don't all have the best home lives themselves.  And I haven't met anyone yet that doesn't like you."  

Holly laughed coldly.  "Yeah except most of the town.  And all my friends and family.  Except you."  She shook her head, almost close to tears.  

Em reached over and grabbed her hand.  "Your family will come around, it's just been a shock ok.  I know your mum ok, when she sees that tiny little baby, she will not be able to resist.  And I know its hard to take but if your friends left you, then maybe they weren't your friends in the first place.  You will just have to make new friends."  Em finished her speech  firmly.  

There was no arguing with her, Holly knew she was right.  It didn't make it any easier though.  She would just have to keep going.  

"So what's happened to you?  Why the sudden visit?"  Holly took three of the chocolate biscuits, just one of her cravings, and fixed her gaze on her cousin.  

Em considered what to say.  Holly was still upset, that was evident, and there were no magic words to make her feel better, and this troubled Em.  She hadn't expected to tell Holly about the incident this morning anyway, but she couldn't outright lie to her.  She didn't want to.  But she couldn't tell her the truth.  It might induce labour.

"I just had a strange dream last night and I haven't really recovered from it yet."  Em paused but she could tell that Holly was waiting to hear more.  "I just have this feeling that something is going to happen soon.  Something big.  And it might not be good."   

Holly leaned forward.  "Involving who?"  She asked seriously.  

Only a sparse few knew about Em's talents, and even so, only a handful believed them.  Holly was the only one who would stake her life on the matter.  Em grimaced.  "That's just it, it feels like a stranger but a stranger that affects me, or the people close to me, I'm not sure.  No one specific though."  

"Is it one of your clients maybe?"  Holly asked, her hand held protectively over her stomach.  

Em shrugged.  "Maybe."  She ran her fingernails lightly down the back of her neck.  The feeling was still there.  "I just hope I can figure it out in time to stop it, if it is something bad."  Holly nodded thoughtfully.  She knew enough to not ask too many questions about Em's work, enough to know that there were things that couldn't be forgotten once you were told.  

"But it's not  your responsibility though, you know that right?"  Holly asked, her tone hard.  

Em smiled.  "Yeah I know."  She drank her tea in silence for a minute while she mulled it over.  

Then who's is  it?

The End

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