The FearedMature

                She raised herself slowly to her knees.  All she could hear was her heart beat, slow and steady, gently thudding in her eardrums.  The tarmac beneath her was slick with water and god only knew what else.  The flames danced and shone reflecting the destruction back at her.  She got to her feet.  A few broken bodies were scattered around her.  She didn’t know who they were, not that she was looking very closely.  She couldn’t feel the pain anymore, just a sense of tranquillity.  Either way it would all be over soon and she wouldn’t have to worry anymore.  None of them would. 

                She turned to face the flames.  Even from where she stood she could feel the heat on her skin, could smell the burning.  But she couldn’t hear the screams anymore.  She couldn’t have known this but the flames danced in her eyes, like flickering demons that were hungry for consumption.  This was it; this was the last stand.  Something exploded in the distance, a mushroom cloud of smoke and debris erupting into the nights sky.  She didn’t even flinch.  Her eyes followed lazily as the pieces of timber and roof tiles fell back to earth.  She couldn’t feel anymore.  All the fear was gone, all the passion, all the need to win.  She forced her hands into fists.  She would do what she could, she would fight til her dying breath, but she had already given up.  

There was nothing left to do but die.  

The End

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