The Wishing Well

Zahra's heart pounded fiercely. Was it possible for someone to die of anticipation? Surely, it was, because Zahra was beginning to feel that perhaps she would die before she ever got to find out if Alexander would find her or not.

Cain led Zahra to the wishing well, where he tied her to a tree and forced her to look at him again.

"You will not, under any circumstances, try to escape. Do you hear me? If you try to escape, I swear, harm will come to your precious Prince." Cain tightened the rope around Zahra's wrist. "And harm will come to him in the most gruesome of ways."

Zahra spat at Cain again. "I will do whatever I deem necessary," she replied, indignant.

"We'll see if that temper of yours will let you go free or not." Cain began to laugh. "Oh, won't he be in for a surprise! I can't wait to see the look on his face. He'll think he's coming to collect a prize, when really, it'll be a trap. What a broken heart he'll have when he finds out that his precious Zahra betrayed him."

"I did not betray him. You forced my hand!"

"You could've gotten out of it. Where there's a will, there's a way - isn't that how the saying goes?" Cain laughed again. "Wait there, little darling. I don't want him to see me when he arrives." He walked away, chuckling under his breath.

You disgust me.

Shivering, Zahra watched the sky darken until there was hardly any light left. It was a starless night.

And Zahra waited. Cold from the night air, she attempted to press her shoulders up against the tree, desperate to conserve any body heat. Not a single minute passed without her wondering, What will I do if he really does come for me? "He's better than that," Zahra whispered to herself. "He's got to be better than that. The Alexander I know now wouldn't agree to the terms of the letter."

Would he?

"No, he wouldn't."

How do you know that?

"I don't know...I just know." Zahra groaned. "And now, I'm arguing with myself."

The wait was going to be a long one.

The End

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