Not A Chance

Adrian remained silent, fiddling with his thumb to pass the time. He acted as if he hadn't heard a single word that Annalise had said and this deeply irritated her as she half-shouted, "Say something!"

"Why do you care?" He almost instantly retorted, fury making its way to the surface. He'd never felt this upset before, this...uncomfortable. Yet, looking into Annalise's teary blue eyes, Adrian couldn't hold back the guilt that formed the moment he'd said that.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell...but Annalise, it doesn't matter. It shouldn't matter to you."

"Just answer the question," she snapped, standing up from her chair with crossed arms in front of her chest. Glaring down at Adrian, she dared him on, holding back the tears that brimmed in her eyes.


It was one word. But it meant a lot to both of them. Annalise didn't say anything, didn't show anything. She continued to stare blankly at Adrian, who looked at her as if waiting an outburst.

Licking her lips, she muttered, "Very well."

What had she been expecting? That Adrian would still harbor the same love for her that he had before? That he'd be willing to elope with her once more, lead the life they'd both wanted then...and that she still desired for?

It was all just a dream, a dream she could've made come to life. It was her fault, and her decision that had brought upon her those horrible consequences.

At least now she knew...there was not even a tiny chance in changing that. And with that, Annalise was satisfied.

The End

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