Word In The Castle

Adrian watched his friend hurry out of the sick room, with a mix of emotions on his face. He couldn't help but wonder about what had been written in that letter, and who it was from but he hadn't dared to ask. Adrian had enough troubles on his mind already, and the least he could do to help himself out was not interfere.

Instead, his gaze returned to meet the concerned one of Annalise who had been watching over him ever since he'd regained consciousness. Why should he care about her now anyways?

He sighed in exasperation, huffing out and broke his eye contact with her. A wobbly smile made its way to Annalise's lips as she analyzed the expression on his face. She couldn't help but hope herself that a part of him was still in love with her. Maybe, just maybe, they could have another chance.

Shaking her head at the preposterous idea, she scolded herself in her mind. How could she even think that? She was a married woman, and she had a separate life away from Adrian now. She shouldn't even bother...

"So..." Annalise broke the still silence that hung in the air, but Adrian still refused to look at her. Clearing her throat, she continued, "I hear there's another woman."

That got him.

Adrian looked sharply at Annalise, too fast that a tinge of pain made its way to his face.Sorely massaging his shoulder, he mouthed the word, "What," no sound making its way out.

"Word in the castle is that you've been quite taken with this other girl." Annalise pursed her lips, searching Adrian's face for any sign that the rumor may be true. "Well...are you?"

The End

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