"Dear Alexander..."

Dear Alexander,

This is Zahra. I am writing to you because you have told me that I cannot return to the castle. I have something I need to tell you, something that I think will change your mind concerning my banishment.

I have been thinking a great deal since leaving. As delighted as I am to finally be with my mother, who is experiencing an unexpected healing, there is an ache in my heart that until now, I've been trying to ignore.

Alexander, as I'm sure you've learned from my kiss, there is an inexplicable bond you and I share. I wish to strengthen this bond.

I wish to return to the castle under the conditions you had originally suggested.

I know this offer is a great deal different than the impression I gave, but after reading your letters to Tia, it instilled a wonder in me - a wonder of what it would be like to be loved so deeply by someone like you, someone with such a great capacity to love.

I understand if it's too late for me to return to the castle as your "special lady," as society often terms mistresses, but if it isn't too late, I ask that you would meet me at the legendary wishing well on the route to Cor. 

I pray I'll see you soon, Alexander.


Alexander stood and strode quickly from the sickroom. Filled with roiling emotions, he aimlessly headed straight for the dungeon to speak with Imelda.

Something wasn't right. There was something about the letter than filled Alexander with unease.

Imelda would be able to judge the authenticity of the letter.

Zahra, what's going on?

The End

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