Breaking the Ice

"What?" Annalise's head snapped up in shock to stare at the Knight, whether it be in anger or hurt she could not tell. Her pride was damaged but she couldn't help but feel at fault for all that had happened. "You're telling me to go?"

"I believe I am," Adrian said, his jaw clenching. He'd never imagined meeting her again in such a way as this, and if they started off on such an...indecent acquaintanceship, it would be wrong. A part of him longed to sit down, hold her hand and talk to her endlessly but that was the foolish side that had fallen in love with her. He won't be making the same mistake again.

"I'm not going to leave," she said stubbornly, standing up and sitting down on the chair opposite him. Adrian glared at her. "You'd be doing both of us a favor if you did. Wouldn't want your charming little husband thinking we have something, will you?"

She flinched at his words. If only he knew the life she led with that beast of a man...

"Is it wrong for me to be here as your friend?" She asked gently.

"No, it isn't. But after all you've done, I think it best we not see each other again."

The silence that lasted after his statement seemed infinite. Annalise searched his face for something, anything to tell her that what he'd said was just a lie. Adrian, on the other hand, tried to look away but couldn't as a part of him melted at the sight of the girl he loved. 

But he could not risk walking down that path again. She was married. She had her own life, one that she'd chosen to live without him and whether or not both of them liked it, he had to respect that. 

The End

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