The Lady and the Knight

Swirling colors and a vision in disarray...

Adrian blinked. Once, then twice as his eyes adjusted to the figure before him. Her eyes looked into his own, concerned and worried but even more so: relieved. Who was she and what was she doing here?

"Adrian," she said softly, her eyes warming up with tears. Taking hold of his hand, she bowed her head in shame and whispered through her tears, "I'm so sorry."

Adrian stared at her, his hand not wanting to leave hers for a reason of its own that he could not find out. But it was in that second that realization came crashing down on the Knight. His sickness, Zahra, Alexander...Annalise.

Eyes widening in surprise, he sat up slowly and looked down at the girl seated on the cold and hard floors of the room. She'd come for him? He looked at her, really looked at her. In that moment, Adrian felt like she hadn't changed at all. 

Her blue eyes sparkled with love and guilt as she watched him timidly. Her blonde locks were unkempt and messy, cheeks flushed in relief. Yes, he was alive. But how?

Before he could stop himself, Adrian sat up straight, wincing at the pain on his shoulder and snapped at her. "What are you doing here?" 

A tinge of hurt ran through Annalise and Adrian immediately regretted having said it but after all these years, would she only come to see him if he were on his death bed?

"I heard from Alexander that you were sick," she mumbled in a hushed tone.

"So you came here on the Prince's orders, not because you actually cared." Anger overwhelmed Adrian and he shook his head at her rigorously the way a child would if told to do something it didn't like. "Please leave," he rasped. 

The End

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