Adrian blinked repeatedly, as if hoping to wake up from the succession of bad dreams that he’d been having. Ghosts of his past come to haunt him…maybe this is how it worked before one goes to heaven or hell? Revisiting all past memories and only then being placed into eternal fire or light.

Or maybe this is it,he thought, looking around. He couldn’t see himself, nor anything beside him. Was he dead already?

Was he sitting or standing? He did not know but he stayed still, then closed his eyes in fear of seeing something that would only frighten him more than the abyss he was in. Yes. It was over.

His life had been that simple. A beginning, a middle, and an end. Adrian couldn’t help but wonder if there had been any purpose to it all. Butof coursethere was a purpose! He had made a friendship worth more than his life with the one real person he trusted. If not a friendship, it was a brotherhood.

He’d fallen in love, not once, but twice! His first being Annalise, and his second : the strange and beautiful Zahra. How similar both of them were. The same rebellious nature, fieriness…beauty. Yet both times, he could not have them.

And now death itself had come to put an end to it all.

It was then that he heard it. A soft whisper.


He opened his eyes. No longer confronted with infinite shadows but a growing tear above in the black sky. It opened up to a  bright light, growing bigger by the second. The whispers grew louder with the widening mass of white.

“I’m here now. I’m here for you.”

He shielded his eyes with his hand, squinting. But his eyes widened at the sight above him. An angel, pale but beautiful with flowing locks of blonde hair as bright as the sun, descended to him with a smile on her face. Reaching out her hand, she nodded reassuringly and he took hold of her. It was then that the image only grew startlingly bright.

As he observed the angel closer, she became less misty and more physically visible by the second. A blush began to rise in her cheeks…tears swarming in her beautiful blue eyes…

“Adrian? Adrian!”

His green eyes flew open as he breathed in deeply.


The End

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