Hopes Alight

Alexander paced the length of the room, back and forth. Deep in his thoughts and worries, he felt himself shudder at the recent turn out of events. Annalise had been his one last hope and now she’d diminished what little hope he had left inside of him.

What now?

The Prince turned around, leaving the silent solace of the dying flames before approaching his friend. Sitting next to him was the doctor who looked sadly up into the Prince’s eyes.

“I’m afraid we can’t do anything Sire. His pulse has dropped and I fear that there are only a few minutes left before he-“

“Aren’t there any medications? Possibly in the storage cabinets of the Queen! I’m sure you can obtain something!”

“I’ve tried to the best of my ability. I’m sorry.”

The doctor stood up and gave a light bow to the Prince before exiting the room without a glance back.

Perhaps, he’s right, the Prince thought mournfully. There’s nothing we can do now is there?

Crouching down near his friend, he held the cold hand of his one true companion tightly in his hand. Adrian’s breaths grew shallow and his face ashen as the minutes passed on. Alexander had said everything he’d had to before. Words no longer made themselves present on his lips and he opened his mouth to say something occasionally, only to close it. What good would it bring?

The hurried steps vibrated through the surface of the floor and quickly, the Prince glanced up to only be greeted by an image that shocked him. Bending down low, Annalise fell down to her knees on the floor before taking Adrian’s hands in her own. Alexander backed away, watching in silence from within the darkness of the shadows as she spoke to him.

“Adrian. It’s me.”

Three words that held a great deal of suppressed emotions that were now being released. Her voice shook greatly, almost breaking as unavoidable tears formed in her eyes. She had never imagined that the next time she’d see him, he would be in such a state.

Squeezing his hand lightly, she whispered once more, “I’m here now.”

The End

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