For Him...

Heart pounding unevenly inside of her chest, Annalise stormed briskly out of the castle. Though her head was held high and she walked in the posture of a proud lady, the sun did not fail to reflect off the tears that glistened at the tips of her eyes.

How could she not feel for the one she’d loved? How could she not mourn if he really was going to…die? She was human too but she had to behave, to confine herself within the cage she’d once been locked into.

Oh how much she desired to help in reviving Adrian! But no, it would be wrong. Her family would criticize her, and her husband would look into her actions far too much. Annalise did not want to risk another beating from the man she’d married, the one who she forced herself into thinking she led a happy life with. But no…

For every night she wondered how different things would have been if she’d started a new life with Adrian; if that night, she’d eloped with him as she had proposed.

Guilt stung her as she approached the carriage. Her attendant had not yet noticed her but she didn’t care for him to let herself in. Her hand tightened around the brass handle, ready to force it open before daring herself to wonder.

She had left Adrian. She had broken his heart. But he’d always been there for her. Gratitude but regret she felt towards all that had happened with him yet she’d always felt she was indebted to him. Maybe this would be her way of fulfilling the debt.

Saving his life would loosen her chains within her cage. Yet Annalise could not help but wonder if she was ready to face her lost love once again. You have to be strong, she thought, her hand slowly dropping back to her side. For him.

The End

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