Lost Faith, Spark of Hope

The flickering flames of a dying fire reflected off the weary and tired grey eyes of the Prince. The night had passed slowly and painfully, for both Adrian and Alexander. Alexander had not received a dot of sleep as he had watched over his friend with worry.

Over the night, Adrian's breaths had grown shorter and more painful to take in. The rise and fall of his chest had taken a downturn towards the kind of peace one always feared. 

This is it, isn't it?Alexander thought miserably.Today's the day he'll die.

A part of Alexander felt guilty for thinking so. How could he have lost hope so quickly. Surely, his best friend would survive and he had to have a little faith. Yet, another doubted the chances heavily. His friend was growing sicker by the minute.

The doors opened, and the doctor walked in to the room in an almost relaxed manner that had a tinge of fury spark inside of Alexander. Yet, he stood up and crossed the room from the warmth of the fire and towards his friend on the couch. 

Checking his pulse, the doctor let out a sigh and turned to the Prince. Shaking his head remorsefully, he whispered, "He's not going to make it."

Alexander could not define what he felt in that second. A crack broke through his heart, getting larger by the second as through it seeped emotions of depression and anger. No, this could not be happening. Yet the reality of it stood before him, increasing the urge of the Prince to take an action.

But what could he possibly do? His power would not help in this case. No matter the fact that he was the Prince of Avana...he could do nothing.

It was then that one of the knights entered the room, and bowed in front of the Prince before saying, "Your Majesty, Lady Annalise has arrived."

Yes. Alexander's hands tightened into fists as he hoped. This could be the one last chance. 

The End

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