Broken Promises

Adrian had bode farewell to his best-friend before setting off on his journey. The Prince and the Knight planned to meet two days later at a town named Mira. It wasn't too far away from the castle but a safe distance - well enough not to be spotted by her family.

Annalise and Adrian had decided to meet in the edges of the forest, just opposite the lake where they had held their first (and later many more) rendezvous. It was close to the castle and so it only took Adrian a mere five minutes walk to get there but he had to be cautious, even more so than before because this time, he won't return.

It was well past midnight and at this time, most of the kingdom would be fast asleep. Yet Adrian couldn't help but worry about how Annalise would get through. She had said she would have no trouble at all - after all, she'd done it many times before. But there was an additional scare to this particular time - both of them felt it.

Leaning against the rough bark of the tree, Adrian waited patiently. She would come. And they would leave and start a new life together. She wanted it and he wanted it too. Yet he couldn't help but think back to what Alexander had said. Were the two of them making a mistake starting out their life together like this?

The more time that passed by, the more he grew nervous. Why wasn't she here yet?

Fifteen minutes...thirty minutes...

Was she alright?

That's when he heard it. The scrunch of the wet grass as someone approached from the other side of the castle. Cloaked and further blanketed by darkness, Annalise had done a good job of creating a disguise. But as she came closer, he realized it wasn't her.


The snow white complexion with a tinge of red in her cheeks, innocent expression unlike the fiery one that Annalise was her sister.

"What are you doing here?"

"Annalise...she wanted me to give you this." Taking a cautious step forward as if she was too scared to be close to Adrian, the sister handed Adrian a rolled-up parchment with a slightly shaking hand.

"Where is she?" His heart started beating wildly at the look that crossed Helena's face, hand tightening around the parchment.

"She's not coming."

The End

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