Annalise's Proposal

The day was pleasant. The sun, high up in the sky in contrast to the previous days of looming gray clouds foreshadowing thunderstorms and heavy rains. But the former weather conditions had been well suited to the inner conflicts that Adrian was dealing with. However waking up to a bright morning didn't suit his mood.

Alexander sensed this as his friend entered the royal library that morning. Adrian never showed his emotions, preferring to hide it within him but his one best friend had always been able to figure out when he was distraught.

Setting down his book, the Prince turned to face Adrian with eyebrows arching in concern. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Adrian grunted in response.

"If you're going to lie Adrian, attempt to do a good job at it," Alexander said with mock graveness coated with a hint of humor. But Adrian had nothing to smile about. "Tell me what's bothering you." His calm grey eyes were fixed on the future Knight, waiting patiently.

But Adrian didn't know where to begin. The events of the past few days had been blissful but all the more dangerous. His secret love affair with Annalise was not to be known by anyone in her family or in the whole kingdom. The only two exceptions were Alexander, and Annalise's little sister - Helena. But that was as far as it could go.

But now Annalise wanted more out of their love than ever before and Adrian wanted the same things, yet he couldn't help but wonder if they were going about it the wrong way.

"Adrian?" Alexander broke a few minutes of silence and stared intensely at his friend.

Sighing, Adrian let the truth out in a hushed whisper, a truth he'd been containing to himself for far too long.

"She wants to elope."

The End

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