A Letter for Zahra

One thing Alexander, being a lover of literacy, did fairly frequently was write letters for those with whom he couldn't express the words in person. After he finished writing the letter, he would burn it, of course, but seeing his thoughts in tangible form seemed the best way to release his pent-up feelings.

Dear Zahra,

No, that wasn't right. Not right at all. How exactly could Alexander go about addressing the letter? "My Dearest Zahra?" No, that was too personal. "To Zahra"? No, that was too impersonal. 

Frustrated, Alexander skipped the first part and got straight to the body of the letter.

I write this to you because

Why exactly was he writing the letter, anyways? Crumpling up the paper, Alexander pulled another page from his stack of paper and began anew.

I write this letter as a way to express my sincerest apologies for the request I made of you when you first came to the castle. I acted in haste and paid no mind to the consequences of my actions. I see now what a fool I was being.

"I see now what a fool I was being," Alexander reread his words aloud and shook his head. The words certainly required a great deal of humility to write...

I also apologize for losing my temper when I found you reading my letters. Though it is true that I feel somewhat betrayed by what you did, I understand your need to know just who I am.

At a loss of what else to say, the Prince of Avana strode over to the small fireplace in his personal sitting room and cast the letter into the flames.

The End

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