Imelda's Concerns

Being a prince had far too many duties. At least, that was the sentiment Alexander held as he stepped into his personal chambers and removed his robe. Normally, most princes would have a personal servant to help Alexander dress and undress, but Alexander had never been one for unneeded formalities.

"My sister wishes to speak with you."

Startled, Alexander whirled around to see Zahra watching him. "How in the blazes did you get in here?" he demanded.

Without bothering to answer the prince's question, Zahra took a step forward. "My liege, my sister desires an audience with you. She was going to come here herself, but I convinced her that escaping from her cell would cause you to be less attentive."

A soft smile tickled Alexander's lips. "I suppose so," he said, still puzzled as to why Imelda would want to speak with him.

"I think she wants to talk about why you kissed me."

Irritation rose within Alexander's soul. "Well, I'm not willing to talk about that just yet," he replied, a bit more harshly than intended. "Tell her I won't see her for awhile."

"She says it's very important. She said to talk to her for my sake. I told her you'd be willing to do it for my sake."

So now, you're using my weakness for you against me. That's fair, Zahra. That's really fair.

"Tell her I'll speak with her in one moment," Alexander grunted. 

"I knew you'd do it," Zahra said. She paused. "Just...don't make it sound like I'm in love with you."

"You're right. That'd be terrible."

With a nervous chuckle, Zahra shrugged. "Well...that's all I wanted to say. And also...I'm so terribly sorry about reading your letters. It's been plaguing me ever since. I had no right."

"You certainly didn't," Alexander responded, heat rushing to his face. He was blushing? Since when did a grown man blush?

"That's all," Zahra said. She vanished down the corridor. 

The End

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