The Unthinkable Question

Annalise hadn't seen him yet and Adrian still hadn't made his presence known. Transfixed to the spot, he admired her from a distance. When he'd first seen Annalise, Adrian had thought he'd met true beauty. But he had clearly underestimated her radiance. 

The moon shone down on her in such a way that made her look like a clear angel from heaven. Her vibrant blonde hair now appeared light and wispy as her waves tumbled over her shoulder, acting as a curtain for one side of her face. The dress she wore defined her curves, not in a voluptuous way as one might imagine. But she truly looked like a Godsend.

Letting out a breath, Adrian stepped closer and braced himself before saying, "Hello." 

She looked up, her blue eyes that sparkled ever so beautifully meeting his own green ones. She opened her mouth to say something but paused, her words catching themselves. Taking in a sharp breath, she looked away in an attempt to recompose herself before withdrawing her feet from the water. 

Adrian sat down next to her, making sure to keep an appropriate distance though inside, he longed for that discomfort not to exist.

"Were you not expecting me?" He asked, not making eye contact.

Annalise's reply came as a mere whisper, portraying a shyness that he hadn't expected from her. "I knew you'd be the one to come."

Ever since the ball, she'd spent every second wondering when next she'd be able to talk to the Prince's charming friend. She longed for his company but she hadn't known if she'd ever see him again. So when she'd received the message from the Prince, she'd jumped at the idea even though it wasn't certain that Adrian would be the one she'd meet.

Silence passed between the two in the next few minutes. Adrian looked out over the calm depths of the lake, trying to slow down his mind so he could come up with something suitable to say. Annalise had so much she wished to talk about but didn't know where to start. 

And so she said the one thing that had been bothering her most...the one thing she feared if she asked, Adrian would reject her for.

"Do you really love me?"

The End

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