The Rendezvous

The moon hovered above in the night-sky, shining its brilliance down on the castle of Avana. Yet, even the silver beams of light could not sense the traced and measured steps of the dark and cloaked figure that moved through the garden. 

Adrian kept to the shadows, trying to make sure that no one saw him. He was not the type to roam around the area at late-night. But he had to meet Annalise at the lake which was not too far away from the castle. He didn't want to risk getting caught.

The last thing Adrian wanted was for fishy rumors to spread out within the castle, and then to the kingdom about a commoner at the mercy of the Prince and a high-status girl to be romancing each other. 

He didn't even a clue as to how Annalise felt about him. They'd only communicated with each other two times and both times, she'd done a good job of concealing her emotions. Adrian didn't know why... maybe she was apprehensive of the consequences of seeing him. She didn't even know that she was meeting Adrian. How would she react when she saw him at the lake?

The lake...
It was located in the most secluded area of the castle which expanded well about the areas. Not only was it a romantic meeting place but secretive too.

The clouds parted above, giving way to a beautiful shining beam of silvery light. Like a spotlight bouncing on the glassy surface of the lake, it certainly created a lovely atmosphere as Adrian approached their agreed meeting place.

Annalise had sent a reply back, through her own attendant. A single word on the parchment written in elegantly strung letters:


That 'yes' had Adrian's heart pounding ever since he'd seen her response. And now, as he stepped closer and closer to the surface of the water, the beat of his heart in his chest grew louder and faster.

Because, there, sitting near the edge of the lake with her feet dipped into the surface of the water was Annalise. 

She'd come. 

The End

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