Secret Arrangements

"Do you think it's too early for me to ask her hand in marriage?"

Alexander paused in writing the letter, looking up at Adrian with concern who was pacing back and forth along the length of the room. Something was truly wrong with his friend and the problem was that he'd fallen in love.

"Adrian...the ball was just two nights ago, and you're talking about marriage?" Alexander questioned his friend's sanity but he couldn't blame him. For Alexander too was having his share of the emotion. 

"I'm dying to see her again," Adrian groaned, crossing his arms across his chest in frustration as he leaned back against the cool wall. 

"I can see you are. Did she give you any word of when next you two shall meet?" Alexander asked, setting down the quill as he diverted his attention to Adrian completely. 

"No, she didn't. All she said was that she had to go as it was too late and before I could even get the chance to ask her, she was far gone." 

Adrian was obviously distressed and this was the first time Alexander had seen him this way, ever since... well that wasn't something his mind should indulge into then. But the Prince had to help his friend out, and he knew the only way to would be to use his power.

Taking another blank parchment, Alexander scribbled across it quickly then called forth one of his attendants. Speaking in barely but a whisper that Adrian could not make out, he gave the neatly rolled-up paper and watched the attendant scuttle along.

Turning to Adrian with a serene expression in his eyes, he said, "Go down to the lake, midnight tonight. She'll be waiting for you." 

Adrian was grateful to, now not his friend but the Prince. He knew that Alexander's duty was not as messenger between Annalise and himself yet his friend was willing to risk it just for the sake of Adrian's love. Yet he could not help but question... what would happen if anyone found it?

"Are you sure Alexa-"

"I sure am. Now listen, here's what you're going to do..."

The End

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