Old Letters

"I found these."

Zahra glanced up to see Imelda watching her. Standing, the elder sister gave Adrian's hand one last pat and faced Imelda. "What are you doing out of your cell?"

"The rebellious blood that runs through your veins runs through mine, Zahra. I know how to escape a prison cell."

Laughing in spite of her pain, Zahra reached out. "What is it?" she asked, spotting a small box in Imelda's hand. "Where did you find it?"

"The library."

"The library is locked."

Imelda winked at Zahra. "We grew up on the streets, Zahra. We know how to pick locks. At least, I do. Has castle life caused you to grow weak, you wimp?" Imelda laughed when Zahra tried to swat her arm. "Take it easy. Wouldn't want you to overexert yourself."

"Castle life has not weakened me," Zahra said, glancing over at Adrian. Maybe only two young men who couldn't possibly be confusing me less.

"Well, in any case - whether you're weak or not - I think you ought to read what I've found. I think it's quite interesting, and you'll think so, too. They're old letters that our beloved prince wrote a long time ago. They're quite personal, too. I don't know if your weak heart could take it."

"Stop calling me weak," Zahra muttered.

"Why are you hesitating? Don't you want to read them?"

Shaking her head, Zahra held her hand up. "That'd be awfully nosy, Imelda. I don't think I ought to."

Imelda set the box on the counter. Just then, two guards burst through the sickroom doors and grabbed Imelda by the arms. "Just where do you think you're going, you wench?" one of them demanded.

Amused, Zahra stood by and watched as her younger sister tried and failed to free herself. "Weak," Zahra commented, pleased at the embarrassed look that crossed Imelda's face. "Has castle life made you weak, Dear One?"

Once Imelda had been "escorted" from the sickroom to her cell, Zahra turned and traced the carvings on the box. How interesting the letters would likely be...how easy it would be to read the contents of the box, then return it to its place in the library...how enlightening those letters would surely be!

I have a right to read those letters.

The End

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