She's All Yours

"If I may say so myself-"

"Then don't say it," Alexander interrupted, looking down at Annalise who had an expression of contempt on her face.

"You are the worst dancer I've ever met," she finished, completely ignoring the Prince's request. Not only did Alexander take this as a direct hit to his pride but the fact that he knew he could have pleased Annalise with his dancing technique if it only hadn't been for the sake of his best friend, deeply hurt him.

"Well forgive me for helping-"


Annalise turned around to face the voice of the stranger, or so she believed. Her eyebrows shot up when she recognized the handsome face of the boy who stood in front of her. It was him; the boy who'd knocked into her in the marketplace. What was he doing here?

"Who are you?"

Adrian seemed to deflate in that one second, with the tone which Annalise had used. Alexander gave his friends an encouraging thumbs-up, already having had a taste of this fiery little girl before disappearing into the crowd as fast as he could. He'd had enough of Annalise for the night but now it was Adrian's turn.

"My name is Adrian," Adrian spoke in a calm and calculated voice. "And-"

"You still haven't given a proper apology you know," Annalise interrupted, crossing her arms in front of her chest all the while biting the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling in amusement.

"Excuse me?" Adrian asked, confused.

"To banter a lady without her consent is certainly not appropriate," Annalise said, referring to their previous exchange at the market.

Adrian couldn't help but grin and tease once more, "I have a feeling you enjoyed that to a certain level milady." 

The blush that rose up Annalise's cheeks was inevitable. She couldn't bite back the smile this time and this caused Adrian's grin to widen. Things seemed to be working out his way.

"Would you like to join me for a dance?" He asked, reaching out his hand to her. Her smile widened, blue eyes sparkling in the way that it made his heart stop. Nodding, she slipped her hand into his. 

From a distance, Alexander watched with a smile on his face. To say he hadn't been intrigued by Annalise would be a lie. But the happiness on his best friend's face overruled anything else in the world that could possibly matter to the Prince. 

The End

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