Adrian's Mind

'She's here!' That was the first thought that ran through Adrian's mind but then the wine he'd consumed started to have an effect on him. Adrian had never felt so bitter towards the Prince as he had in that second. Annalise, his girl was dancing with his best friend. 

'I should have seen it coming,' he thought before downing another continuous sip. If he continued at this rate, Adrian feared the risk of him becoming an alcoholic. Not that he wouldn't mind if he had to see those two cuddling up with each other after this night. After all, most women would do anything to be the young Prince's lover. 

'Stop being so negative,' Adrian criticized himself in his mind. When was the last time he'd felt this way about his best friend or had such thoughts? Never! Only after he'd met this 'Annalise' was he thinking the unthinkable. No, he wouldn't put this friendship in danger just for some girl.

Yet, in that second, as he watched the two waltz around the hall, his friend made eye contact with Adrian. And what Adrian saw wasn't what he expected. Alexander seemed to be glaring at his friend, as if to say 'Get over here right now'. Had he only been doing this for Adrian's advantage?

Adrian's eyes fixed on Annalise who seemed to be...(he couldn't believe it) scowling at the Prince. Well, this was certainly new and Adrian could tell by the expression on Alexander's face.

As quickly as they had started, the music came to an end and the two immediately broke up. Alexander shot his friend a meaningful gaze and it was in that second that Adrian knew it was his time to make a move. 

The End

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