The Prince's Strategy

The dance finished and the Prince stepped back from his partner, giving her a forced smile and bow as per the customs before approaching Annalise in a few quick strides. He eyed his friend on the way but Adrian seemed to be concentrating elsewhere and no longer on Alexander.

Sighing inwardly, Alexander smiled as he approached Annalise who watched him with her curious gaze, eyebrow raised. It wasn't only odd that the Prince seemed to take interest in her as the last time they'd met, he barely gave any recognition to her. But today was of certainly different treatment.

"Annalise, is it?"

She nodded, and straightened her posture to match the firm one of the Prince. "Yes," she said in a strong tone. 

"Would you like to join me for a dance?" The Prince smiled, his charming smile but yet he seemed to be daring her to join him on the floor as he held out his hand, waiting impatiently. Something was off about the expression on his face but Annalise didn't know what it was.

"Of course," she replied, taking his hand and letting him lead her out. As she got in position and the orchestral melody started to play in the background, Alexander tried leading her around till they were dancing closer to Adrian. But it was difficult, especially when he tried hurrying the steps and she tripped continuously. 

"What are you doing?" She asked with irritation, glaring up at the Prince who certainly was more intent on something else than the woman he was dancing with.

"Dancing," he replied,  a fixed smile on his face.

"Well you may be a Prince but you certainly don't dance like one," she muttered, more to herself.

But Alexander had heard her and for the slightest second, his attention was distracted. One's pride often overwhelms one's task but for the Prince, it was not his pride. This was the first girl who hadn't taken a liking to him and inside, that bothered him a little.

But at that moment, when he broke off his attention to look down at Annalise, someone else spotted the two on the floor: Adrian. 

The End

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