The Letter to Annalise

Alexander knew only one way to take action.

Seating himself at his expansive desk, Alexander opened one of the drawers and retrieved a pen and ink, as well as the coarse paper on which he would write his letter.

Tapping the pen against the desk, the prince hesitated and contemplated his course of action.

My Lady Annalise,

I write this letter in haste because of a terrible situation which has come upon us. After receiving a wound in his shoulder which is deeper than originally thought, our friend Adrian has fallen gravely ill. The illness is caused by an infection which Adrian tried to hide.

It is most

And here, Alexander paused. He hated lording his royalty over anyone, but he had to do what he had to do.

It is most imperative for you to come to the palace immediately. I do not request that you come; I demand, as your prince, that you come the instant you receive this letter. I am afraid that you are the only soul in Avana who can recall Adrian to health.

Adrian's life may depend upon it. 

The End

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