The Dance

Soft music playing in the background, couples dancing on the floor, whispering sweet words to each other in the calm silence that coated the expansive hall. Adrian took a sip out of his chalice, the bitter taste of the wine giving him some sort of a relief. If he hadn't known better, he would have started drinking more just for the kick of it. Alcohol tasted good..but of course, wouldn't help him in anyway.

Alexander was dancing with another lady who looked around sixteen years of age - between Adrian and Alexander's age. How old would Annalise be?

If Annalise was sixteen, that would make her a year older than Adrian. That wouldn't prevent him from planning to woo her but, it would still be awkward, considering she had a more suitable choice of seventeen year old Alexander.

Stop comparing yourself to Alexander! 

Why should I? He's far more perfect than me!

Adrian took a prolonged sip from the wine, closing his eyes and savoring the taste of the wine as he swallowed, burning his throat. He hadn't seen Annalise yet. And there was only an hour left till midnight would pass. 

The King liked throwing late-night balls if Annalise hadn't come by now, she definitely won't be coming any time soon. That worried Adrian. And if it worried Adrian, it also worried Alexander.

From across the hall, Alexander's eyes were fixed upon his friend. He paid little attention to the bubbly girl he was dancing with. In fact, ever since she'd opened her mouth, he'd lost all his hearing. She just droned on and on. Why was he even dancing with her in the first place when his friend needed him?

Just when he was about to excuse himself, Alexander's eyes fell on someone who had just entered the hall.  Beautiful pools of blue, and sunny twirls of hair that fell down to her waist perfectly matching the silk-white gown she wore...


It was the Prince's time to get to action. 

The End

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