'Classy' Rejections

"Breathe," Alexander teased Adrian as the two descended the stairs together. Adrian gave a sideways death glare to his friend, all the while a fixed smile on his face. How much longer would Alexander be taunting him?

Everyone's eyes were on them, and most were disapproving that Alexander, a Prince of such high status would go so low as to walk with some commoner. Most people thought so and made it evident, shooting glares at Adrian as he walked beside his friend.

But the future-knight was far too perturbed to care of others' opinions at the moment. His eyes scanned the large hall, looking for those familiar blonde locks and beautiful blue eyes. But if Adrian remembered correctly, Annalise had also been quite short. Not only would the task be challenging but almost near impossible.

Why would she take any interest in him anyways? Most of the women that Adrian had approached in previous balls disliked him for the fact that he 'considered himself to be royal'. Adrian never had but they judged him before he had a chance to justify his side of the story.

Though he did not have royal blood, he had been treated as if he did. The day he met Alexander, his whole life had turned around. He considered the Prince to be his own brother. But most did not appreciate the brotherhood the two shared; especially the King...and women.

Most of the girls Adrian had met so far preferred the Prince over the lowly-commoner. And though Adrian understood perfectly why they did, he couldn't help but be a little peeved by the idea of being rejected by the one girl in his life who had truly captivated him.

What if she'd choose Alexander over Adrian? What if she had the same mentality as the others; the richer, the better. 

Adrian could only hope that it wouldn't happen. He could never resent Alexander...but if Annalise really did fall in love with the Prince, it would break Adrian's heart. 

The End

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