The Knight's Friend

The sun was shining in through the open windows, lighting up the library which was occupied by two young men. One, dressed richly in royal robes, walked up and down the length of the library. His calm grey depths were fixed upon the page of the book he was reading, though he had no interest about the history of Avana. Right now, the young Prince's concentration was on his troubled best friend.

Adrian was sat on one of the leather armchairs, located close to the window beyond which was a view of the busy kingdom. Even from a distance, he could make out the crowded dots of the townspeople, darting back and forth within the same market place he'd met this 'Annalise'. 

Adrian couldn't divert his mind from the image of the beautiful girl he'd met only a few hours ago. He still remembered, the angry (almost feisty) glint in her sapphire eyes which seemed to sparkle the moment she saw him. Her blonde locks fell elegantly down to her waist, and complemented her snow-white complexion that burnt furiously red after their incident.

Not only did Adrian get the impression that she liked him. He'd had other girls like him before, it was only normal (though he never boasted this fact). But these other girls had always been of his class. This was the first time that he'd gotten a similar reaction from someone of higher social status. 

"What did you say her name was?" Alexander asked, peering above the edge of the book to his friend. 

"Annalise, I believe."

"Annalise..." Alexander couldn't help but feel familiar with that name. His father had been inviting several women over lately, even bringing along their daughters who they believed would be well suited for the Prince. He'd seen dozens over the past few weeks but he was certain that this 'Annalise' was one of them.

"Do you want to see her again?" Alexander asked quietly, setting the book down on the table and glancing at his friend with a blank expression on his face. 

"Yes," Adrian replied, excited with the very idea.

Alexander couldn't help but smile at the reaction of his friend and said, a tint of cheerfulness in his voice, "It's a done deal then."

The End

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