Flashbacks To Another Day

The scent of freshly baked bread wafted through the cramped air of the busy market place. The townspeople hustled busily through the crowded nooks of the area, trying to avoid shoving into others but with the jam-packed atmosphere, it was difficult to. 

A young boy from within the crowd tried squeezing his way between two girls, muttering in a rather calm (but on the verge of breaking into irritated) voice, "Excuse me! Coming through!"

Unintentionally, to get his way closer to the herbal store set up only a few feet away, he knocked hard against one of the girls, sending her toppling to the floor in quite a disorderly fashion. 

The boy crouched down, muttering quick words of apology. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to."

"Of course you didn't," the girl hissed, patting at her intricately woven gown. It was now covered with dust and the dirty particles of the ground, and she'd only just bought the dress! "Can you not see?!" 

Jutting her head up to look at the boy, her glare faltered when her eyes met the soft emerald depths of his. She could feel the deepest blush rise up her cheek but she composed her expression back to one of artificial fury as she stood up.

"It wasn't intentional milady," the boy said in an apologetic tone, bowing slightly when he realized that the girl belonged to a much higher class than he did. 

"Well...I guess I can forgive you just this once," she said curtly, crossing her arms across her chest as she tried to look away. Her friend, who watched from the side, seemed to be soaking in the events that had just occurred, a grin making its way to her cherry-round face.

The boy, on the other hand, smiled. His gaze met the lady's once more, his eyes dancing as he smirked and asked, "Just this once? You wish for it to happen again?"

The girl's jaw dropped open. What could he possibly be indicating? No! This was unacceptable! Just when she was about to retort with something rude to shut the boy up, her friend grabbed her elbow and tugged her away. "Annalise, come on."

Glaring over her shoulder at the cute young man that couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her, she couldn't help but smile inside.

Little did she know then that his name was Adrian, and that he would become the one thing most important to her. 

The End

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