His Release

Wordlessly, the doctor stood up and left the room without a glance back at Adrian. He didn’t want to answer to Adrian’s retort, refusing to admit the truth that his chance of survival was quite slim. However, the doctor didn’t forget to glare meaningfully at Imelda before turning around the corner and disappearing from view.

 Imelda looked absolutely crestfallen as she miserably crouched beside Adrian. He didn’t say a word as she nudged the medication towards him. “Take it.”

 Adrian didn’t want to. Was this it? Will this be the end of his short, meaningless life? Thinking back over it in those moments of silence, he felt pathetic. What had he accomplished? If at all, he’d lost everything meaningful to him: his family, his love. Losing his life would make no difference.

 Yet inside, he strived to be healthy once again. He wished to live a long happy life alongside his best friend. He wished to see Zahra once again, tease her and see that annoying pout cross her face. And he wished, with all his heart, that Annalise was here for him.

 But if he could relive it all…every little part of it…would he?


 Imelda’s soft nudge plucked him out of his thoughts and he turned to look at her. She bit down on her lower lip uncertainly before whispering, “I’m so sorry. If this is my fault-”

 “It’s not.”

 “Still…” She took a shuddering breath before speaking rapidly, “I’ve never seen Zahra as shaken as she was when you fell sick. The last time I saw her like that was when Henry had… This is the first time I’ve seen her react to something like this for someone outside of our family. And if you matter that much to her, I just feel horrible. If I hadn’t fought with you then you wouldn’t have-”

 “How were you to know?”Adrian asked softly. Imelda blinked and before she could say anything, Adrian continued, “You didn’t know I was injured. You didn’t know you’d see your sister again. You didn’t know anything at that time. It’s not your fault so stop feeling guilty.”


“I’m the one to blame,”Adrian cut her off. “For finding and threatening a lady on that eventful day.” He smiled, remembering his first meeting with his fireball. “Maybe this is part of fate. I don’t know. But…the last line is it’s not at all your fault Imelda. So stop saying that.”

Then before she could further argue with him, he took the medicine from her and tipped the powder onto his dry tongue. Ignoring the extremely bitter taste, he swallowed it down with water.

The effect was almost immediate. First, his stomach grumbled dangerously. Oh no, he didn’t want to vomit. But then, his nausea subsided, replaced by exhaustion. Closing his eyes, Adrian drifted off to darkness. No…wake up.

But he couldn’t, no matter how he tried. The last thing he heard before completely giving himself to a peaceful sleep was a voice. It called out to him. His name, beautiful, on the tips of a graceful voice. Whose did it belong to? He didn’t know if it was his imagination or not; but Adrian succumbed to the beauty of the angel that called him home. 

The End

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