Silent Questioning

Darkness overcame his vision momentarily, gripping his mind as Adrian gave away from the pain to a more peaceful state of sleep. But what if he were to never wake up again? What if the passing on from half-life to death sneaked into that moment of unconsciousness?

 The fear overcame him. It kept him awake and he had no choice but to put up with the pain that jolted him with the spasms that ran through his shoulder. Maybe I should have stayed in Cor for a few days, or visited Mira to check in at a hospital.

 But Adrian hadn’t had a choice. The fever had seeped into him after his abrupt encounter with Imelda. A sudden stickiness as his tunic painted upon his skin with the outbreak of sweat. He should’ve been careful, but he had his duty to follow and that was to return the Orvani to his kingdom. But loyalty had its price at the most desperate of times.

 Adrian blinked, trying to clear up the fuzzy red spots that kept appearing in front of his eyes. Something was wrong with him; he needed sleep but he wasn’t ready to relinquish control over his body quite yet to his physical mentality.

He turned his head, locking a tired gaze with Imelda who was seated quietly on a wooden chair a few feet away. Her eyes never left him, and she was deathly pale. Just as Zahra had been.What had happened to Zahra? The last Adrian had seen of her was when Alexander had rushed her away. A part of him died to know where the Prince had taken her. But the other knew better than to force himself into a state that would only worsen his current one.

 His mind drifted away momentarily before settling on one doubt that continued to plague him. Could this Zahra be that Zahra? The one that the royal Prince had been engaged to? Adrian wanted to outright refuse the possibility of that being true but he didn’t have proof. And the technical mind of his continued to heavily question the possibility as time grew and provided no answers.

 I need to stop thinking too much. A voice from inside his head advised him to get some rest. But he didn’t want to. He had to know.

 That was when a timid voice broke the silence, the voice that not only a few hours ago had been filled with ferocity and anger as she’d fought with him. Adrian was surprised to hear her say it but didn’t have a choice but to consume the words Imelda had uttered. “I’m sorry.”

The End

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