Funny Story

A shocked silence settled into the air but the events that unfolded in a matter of seconds felt hard to keep up with. Zahra’s eyes were locked with Imelda’s, uncontrollable emotions breaking out. And before Adrian or Alexander had any chance to make sense of anything, the two crossed the length between them, embracing each other in a big hug.

“Zahra! I can’t believe it!” Imelda’s voice overwhelmed with happiness, shaking heavily as she squeezed her sister’s hand.

“Zahra?” Adrian and Alexander simultaneously asked, exchanging a glance. But that was supposed to be the least of their worries. Right now, a reunion which not one of them had expected was occurring. And still, the Prince and Knight were rather lost in the scene.

“Imelda!” Zahra took a step back, looking at her sister with a wide smile on her face. “How have you…how did you…” She couldn’t even form the question correctly, her joy overriding the answers she wanted to have. Now wasn’t the time to ask such petty things, no. But Imelda understood.

“This stupid Knight captured me,” she said, her voice suddenly changing into a tone of disgust as she shot a deathly glare at Adrian who took another step back.

Zahra turned, her gaze fixing on the Knight. Weariness weighed him down yet the smile that formed on his lips was genuine.

“Enter Stupid Knight,” he said softly, grinning at Zahra. Before she could laugh at his rather lame joke, her eyes sauntered to his shoulder; the one that not too long ago, she had torn a hole through. But this time, it was in a worse condition than ever. It seemed twisted, dislocated. And his arm was in a rather awkward position as it hung loosely, seeming detached, by his side.

“Adrian– what hap-”

“Oh right. Funny story.”Adrian’s smile turned into one of mockery. “So one day, I meet you and you shoot an arrow into my shoulder. And then the next, I meet your sister (is she) and she breaks my shoulder, and I’m pretty certain, my arm as well. Perfection, isn’t it?”

The End

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