The Reunion

The sound of the horse’s hooves trotting against the castle grounds was all that could be heard in the silence that existed between Adrian and his captive. She sat in front, her features pulled into a tight frown as she muttered curses under her breath.

Adrian, on the other hand, had one arm hanging loosely by his side with the other supporting the reins tightly. His face was contorted into a look of pain and he winced when Imelda shifted in front of him, purposely grazing her shoulder bone hard against his limp arm.

The sharp hiss of breath that he let out informed her that her little maneuver had been successful and she didn’t hide a smile as she looked over her shoulder. “Did that hurt my dear Knight?”

Adrian pursed his lips tightly, repeating even more strongly in his mind: Never strike a woman, you never strike a woman.

Giving her no reply, he looked ahead of him, directing his horse towards the stable but it didn’t seem like his ride had any trouble finding his way home. Once in the stable, the horse stopped and whinnied lazily. Clapping her hands together, Imelda hopped off and walked away.

“I’ll be on my way then,” she said. Adrian bit down on his tongue and slowly dismounted himself, his hand clutching his other arm as he hurried to stop her.

“You’re going no where.”

Imelda glared at him and was about to say something when Adrian’s beloved friend rounded around the corner.

“Adrian!” The Prince smiled at his best friend, coming forward to give him a manly pat on the shoulder when Adrian took a quick step back, realizing Alexander’s intent.

“I highly suggest you don’t do that milord,” he said in a deadly serious voice. Alexander raised an eyebrow, unsure of why Adrian had said that but he didn’t have the time to ask. Zahra joined the group in the stable, her face flushed as it matched the complexion of her hair. But before Adrian could greet her, the new captive released a gasp.


The End

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