An Unsuccessful Negotiation

Her clasp around Adrian’s neck loosened as she fell down onto the forest floor, groaning in pain. Adrian felt rather guilty, seeing her down because of him. He never liked to hurt women but given the circumstance he’d been placed in, he’d had to.

Crouching slightly, he towered over the girl in a threatening manner. She was hugging herself, as most of her back had taken the hard impact of his blow. Adrian didn’t want to show any pity, knowing better than to form a soft spot on women again. Whispering in short breaths, he said, “The Orvani belongs to me. And I will not be giving it you. Do you understand me?”

She glared up at him, her sharp brown eyes penetrating into his green ones. But she didn’t answer, clenching her jaw instead. Taking this as a ‘yes’, Adrian straightened his posture and started to walk in the direction of his ride back home.

To say that the girl hadn’t learnt her lesson would be wrong. Adrian hadn’t learnt his lesson. Because a Knight should never turn his back on his opponent, even if it was a woman and a cute one at that. As a punishment for his stupidity, she came back, this time with much more force, knocking into him with a harder impact.

And as Adrian fell down hard against the surface of the floor, a loud crack reverberated through the air.

The End

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