Crazy Woman!

Grabbing the sack out of Henry’s hand before the man had a chance to favor his ‘faithful customer’ over Adrian, he dropped two of the gold coins onto the surface of the worn wood without even asking its worth. No, right now, Adrian just wanted to get out of the market place.

“Thank you,” he muttered, turning away. A few feet was all he got before all hell broke loose. One second, he was walking back towards his horse, innocent and calm. But Adrian had been oblivious to the rage that shot out of the girl. With no control over her body, she ran into Adrian, pouncing on him like a tiger on its prey.

Adrian would have toppled to the ground, if it were not the fact that he was wearing a layer of strong armor. Whirling around, he tried to shake her off but the girl tightened her hands around his neck, her grip strong and stubborn.

“Get off me!” He yelled, thrashing about. Another fight had broken out within the market place of Cor. It was to be treated normally of course, it had grown common. Yet something about a distinguished looking gentleman and a rather short-tempered lady caused most of the people to turn around with interest.

“Give me the Orvani!” She breathed into his ear, causing his hair to rise up on edge as goose bumps erupted across his skin. She was expecting an answer, but Adrian had something else in store. Turning around, he saw the tree, not too far away from him. A simple (but painful) plan formed in his mind and before the girl let go, he rammed straight into the tree, his back facing the strong bark.

That did it.

The End

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