A Familiarity

His heart skipped a beat. Looking down into those somewhat recognizable brown eyes, he couldn’t help but think of Sara in that one second. He didn’t know why. This girl didn’t look anything like Sara. They shared the same eye color, but otherwise, were total opposites.

Adrian loved to make fun of Sara, using her height as a factor of teasing her. This girl, however, was rather tall, her shoulder almost level with Adrian’s. Her dark black hair was in contrast with the snow-white complexion of her skin, which flushed in anger as she inspected her intruder.

 But one thing made her especially different from Sara. Sara’s eyes could never hold as much hostility as the ones of the girl beside him. Yet that familiarity he felt towards the girl came somewhat as a jolt, shocking him and reminding him of home. Home.

How much Adrian missed Avana. His longing to return reminded him of his true purpose of the journey: to obtain the Orvani. And by no cost would he lose the herb to some stranger.

“I asked first,” Adrian said, eyebrow raised.

A hint of a smirk appeared on the girl’s mouth as she shot the Knight a dirty look. “You think that’s going to get you anywhere?” Turning her back on Adrian, she faced Henry who had a stricken expression written across his face, gripping the hold of the sack tightly as he looked between the two of them.

“Henry, you know you should give it to me. I’ve been your faithful customer for so long.” The girl’s voice dripped with the sweetness of honey, and she gave the man across the counter a rather large smile. It was no doubt that the storekeeper had fallen under the deceptions of a woman. Knowing this caused Adrian to get to action.

The End

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