Settling for Less

Alexander was chivalrous. He was charming. He was handsome. He was gentle. He was compassionate.

But above all, Alexander was desperate.

Xanthe was attractive, and she was certainly a lesser woman than Sara. But at that particular moment, Alexander didn't have much choice. He'd almost kissed Sara. He had been so close!

And if Alexander hadn't misinterpreted the signs, Sara had been tempted to kiss him, too. 

Just before giving in to temptation, however, Alexander had made the decision not to so much as touch Sara. Instead, he was settling for less. If he could not have Sara, he would have someone. And petty and obnoxious as Xanthe was, she wasn't opposed to a little romance now and then.

In any case, it's better than my father's harem, isn't it? I could be much worse, couldn't I? Couldn't I?

Xanthe was standing patiently beside Alexander, though every part of her practically radiated excitement. Smiling up at Alexander, she asked, "What did you want?"

Alexander responded with a kiss.

This is so wrong. This is so selfish. I shouldn't do this. Maybe she's a fool, but even fools shouldn't be mistreated! Am I really this awful?

Drawing away, Alexander smiled. "Do you know what I want, Xanthe? I want to make you happy."

Xanthe smiled, then laughed. She closed her eyes and leaned in, allowing Alexander to kiss her once more.

There was something missing.

She's just a replacement for Tia, and now for Sara, too.

Kissing Xanthe once more, Alexander knew what had to be done. Breaking the kiss, he motioned for one of the attendants. "I'd like you to see Xanthe out, please. I don't want her to come back."

Xanthe's eyes were wide. "Wh-what?" she stammered, unable to believe what she had just heard. "That's it? You're sending me away?" Her tone was so incredulous that Alexander rethought his decision.

"No," the prince said, holding up his hand. "You're right, Xanthe. We've left things unfinished."

The End

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