Adrian chose to ignore the painful twinge in his heart, urging his horse on to enter the town of Cor. A few minutes in and he'd be at the market place (if they still had one, that is). But something urged him to turn back and head for Mira. Maybe just, to visit Annalise?

No! Remember your duty!

He wouldn't. He possibly couldn't.

Shoving the idea out of his mind, his grip on the reins tightened but his companion didn't complain this time. Silence was their friend as they went on, venturing deeper into the town of Cor. It was surprisingly quiet, not like what he'd heard from those in Avana.

But Adrian had jinxed it.

The sound of a loud metallic clatter rang through the air, breaking the still atmosphere of the early morning. Curious, Adrian directed his horse towards the source of the noise. Pushing past a few trees and shrubs, he found himself walking straight into the market place.

Except it wasn't much of a market place as it was an arena. The townspeople were throwing themselves at each other, fighting over the scarce resources left for trade. Adrian craned his neck to find out if by any chance, it was the herb he'd come here for. But to no avail.

Luckily, no one seemed to notice his presence. Slipping into some of the shrubs, he dismounted his horse, tying him to the tree securely before attempting at 'blending in' to the market scene. Straightening his posture, and patting down his tunic beneath the coating of armor, he walked in. No one noticed.

Edging sideways towards an old and cranky looking man, he asked in a casual tone, "By any chance d'you have Orvani in stock?" Adrian slipped in the Cor-accent, pronouncing his d's lightly and c's and s' with a more relaxed tone. It was elegant, if not deceptive.

The man gave a sideways glance, looking the Knight up and down suspiciously before answering, "The last of 'em is being sold over 'ere." He led Adrian to another booth, tapping on the wooden counter roughly.

"Henry. Ya got 'im?"

A short man popped up from behind a niche, smiling as he nodded, inspecting Adrian before saying, "Yes. We 'ave 'im."

"One for the lad."

But before Adrian could reach down into his pocket for the gold coins, he felt someone knock against his shoulder roughly, causing a jolt of pain to reverberate through his muscle. Looking down, he was met by the sight of a rather attractive young girl who glared at him, levelling her gaze with his interested one.

"The Orvani's mine."

The End

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