Approaching Cor

The next few hours passed in a loud silence that Adrian couldn't bear. He felt tired, eyes drooping occasionally before he snapped back to attention. Don't fall asleep. Unless you want to die.

Emphasizing greatly on the 'die' part of his dramatic thought helped him to stay awake but he couldn't deny feeling exhausted. Instead, his thoughts wavered to Sara and the conversation he'd had about her with Alexander. His friend knew, and Alexander would never drop the subject till Adrian came to admit his feelings for the lady.

Sara was no longer a prisoner. She was now a guest, and a beautiful one at that. How could he not have fallen for her charms? Though, flashing back through his memories, he mostly remembered her hot-headed attitude as the trade mark for her character.

Chuckling to himself, Adrian patted his horse who whinnied lazily back. They both needed some rest. But just as Adrian thought that, a thin but bright line appeared on the surface of the cobble-stoned street. It widened, growing larger in volume but Adrian's gaze was no longer on the floor.

Squinting past the tall evergreen trees, he could see a hint of an orange-red glow. The sun was rising. Morning was here.

I should be close, Adrian thought, yet he wasn't too sure. The last time he'd been to Cor was more than five years ago. And that time, he'd accompanied Alexander in the carriage. Then, Cor was known for its reputation for being the trade centre of the kingdom. But now, its fame had turned to only just being an old yarn of Evaselington.

The horse trotted forward, approaching a cross road. Dug lazily into the ground and barely standing was a wooden board. It said that the town of Cor would be found if taken the left path, and the town of Mira, the right.


Adrian ignored the painful stab he felt in his chest. Yet the reality of the realization stung him. Annalise lived in Mira. With a family of her own.

The End

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