And So The Journey Begins..

The night was cool, providing the peaceful atmosphere that Adrian had been wanting for his journey. But he knew better than to fall into the sweet clutches of the quiet that the nature around him presented him with. Anything could happen.

He could be attacked by a group of bandits, killed even if he wasn't careful. And so Adrian kept his guard, eyes never staying fixed to one spot, occasionally scanning the area for anything suspicious. But so far, it was going well. He could only hope it would continue like this.

A bird whistled through the night, a mockingbird perhaps. Evaselington was known for the songs of the beautiful creatures that hummed their melodies throughout the darkest of times, providing somewhat of a glimmer of hope to the small and broken town.

Ever since the King had departed and the kingdom had fallen into the hands of the disgraceful Prince Alexander, everyone's moods had shifted to the worse. Gossip reigned the market areas that the Prince would bring upon the downfall of the kingdom.

It infuriated Adrian to hear such things, and he usually told people off sharply when he managed to hear them. But he couldn't keep them shut up on a permanent basis.

Sighing, Adrian muttered something insensible under his breath, reaching down to his pack for some water. It was going to be a long journey to Cor. He should reach there in approximately four hours but that was a rough estimate and would only ever be exact if his horse galloped.

But with the pace at which his horse was going now, it seemed like it would take forever for Adrian to reach the scandalous town of Cor.

The End

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