Broken Promises

The rustle of the dry leaves cause Adrian to look up. His eyes met the stern ones of his friend, the Prince, who was leaning against the wooden frame of the doorway through which one would enter the stable.

"What are you doing?" The Prince asked in the tone which he knew Adrian would be compelled to follow.

Groaning internally, Adrian hoped that Alexander won't have things go his way like he normally would and was about to dismount the horse, instead changed his mind. He was leaving to Cor. Tonight.

"I'm getting ready to leave. To Cor. Just like you wanted me to," Adrian answered back.

Alexander's frown deepened as he shook his head at his friend, whether in disappointment or anger, Adrian could not tell. He settled with thinking it was a mix of both. "First of all, I don't want you to leave. That's the last thing you'd be doing if I could have control over this situation. So don't say that."

Adrian opened his mouth to retort back but he was interrupted.

"And secondly, you know better than to break the pledge. You, of all people, would follow the word you'd given yourself to of our royal kingdom."

Adrian smiled, no hint of amusment in the upwards curve of his lips. Alexander was one to talk about breaking promises he'd made. A swift flashback ran through Adrian's mind of a time when the two were both in their early years - of the ages of fourteen to fifteen.

I'll never even think of having a mistress or harem of my own. I won't be like my father. He's already married! And...and...he's giving into desires like those when he has mother! Why would he do that?

Everyone has their reasons. Yet that Alexander had not known that he'd soon give into the temptations of alcohol and women. So much had changed over the course of the past few years.

And destiny was yet to start the real game.

The End

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