Preparing for the Journey

Evening was making its approach, slowly slipping its way in as darkness started to reign the sky. The sun was setting in the horizon by each second, light disappearing. Adrian knew better than to start his journey to Cor during the night. It would not only be a safety risk but he'd be breaking Alexander's advice that had been said the day he'd been anointed as "Knight-To-Be".

Do you pledge to be on your highest guard and caution when travelling or carrying out your duties?

Yes, your Majesty.

Shaking his head to himself, he took off the saddle on his horse, patting his friend. That age had been the golden age. They'd both been young and perfect in terms of how broken they were now. Alexander hadn't met Tia. Adrian hadn't known Annalise. All was fine.

Until fate toyed with both their lives.

The horse whinnied in irritation, flipping his head backward as he shot a murderous glance at his master. Adrian had unconsciously dug his nails into his companion which had pained, greatly. Muttering an apology that Adrian knew a horse would never fully comprehend, he mounted it, hauling his bag over as well.

Why was he leaving now anyways? Was it because of fear of running into Sara and slipping on words again?

I guess I'm just afraid that my best friend will hurt the woman who's becoming the younger sister I never had

Where in the world had that come from? Maybe it was Adrian's foolish attempt at trying to convince Sara into believing that he had no feelings for her (which even he was having a hard time accepting). But younger sister? Did he really have to have used that?

Now he'd blown all his chances of ever establishing a romantic relationship with Sara. Of course, it's not like she'd ever take an interest in him after what he'd said earlier on during the day.

The End

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