Things Don't Get Any Better

Perfect timing it was for Alexander. His hands curled into fists by his side as a wave of irritation washed over him. He'd said he'd take care of things and yet that mother of his had to send reminders every other minute.

"Tell her I'll start on it," he replied curtly.

"But you're supposed to have already sent that Knight of yours out-"

"I said I'll take care of things! Alright?!" His sudden outburst caused the attendant to jump and nod repeatedly as he backed off, heading out the throne room as he bowed low.

"Forgive me, forgive me," he muttered before shutting the door behind and leaving Alexander in solitude.

Why did something always have to crop up and ruin the day? And just now he'd left Adrian to have some free time with Sara, not that he wasn't curious inside on how that was going. But the true issue that bugged him behind following his mother's order was sending Adrian to the town of Cor.

Being the Prince of Evaselington, he was supposed to keep up-to-date with the news of the surrounding villages, towns and kingdoms. There was no questioning that Alexander had swayed off his tasks as ruler of the kingdom after what had happened with Tia. With his father away, he'd been bestowed the responsibility to take care of the kingdom and so far, nothing horrible had happened and so he thought he was doing a good job.

Yet, little did Alexander know about Cor. He'd hear his attendants whispering, gossiping. Usually, Alexander was the main subject but once he'd heard them make use of their free-time and caught something about Cor which wasn't entirely pleasant.

The town was located on the outskirts of the kingdom and was a complete wreck. The counsel of the town had not only let their home run amuck but trade and security levels had fallen greatly, having a huge impact on the citizens of the town as well as the whole kingdom. Cor had once been the trade centre of the kingdom, now it was nothing but a dangerous area.

Sending Adrian there would be like letting a sheep walk into a herd of hungry wolves. Either his mother had a purpose for specifically choosing Alexander's dear friend, and using his role as a Knight as an excuse to send him to Cor. Or, she genuinely needed the herb.

Alexander wasn't sure. But the last thing he wanted to do now was to send his best friend on a suicidal mission.

The End

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