The Prince's Interpretation

Alexander walked back slowly in the direction of the palace. He took a quick glance over his shoulder, the smile still lingering on his lips as he saw Adrian talking to Sara who smiled up at him. Shaking his head to himself, he could still remember the expression that had crossed Adrian's face in that split second.

His friend was one to never let out his emotions, and this often led to Alexander deciphering what was going on inside Adrian's mind. But this time, the emotions had flitted across his face in one quick moment and Alexander had been lucky enough to see it.

Envy. Of what? Sara and Alexander. All they'd had was a handshake yet deep inside, Alexander couldn't deny the connection that had somehow sparkled to life when the two met each other's touch. Did that disturb Adrian?

The Prince had only seen that look on Adrian's face once before in his life, but the envy hadn't been directed towards him but another man. Adrian had loved once also, and not only had he loved but envied, suffered, and experienced a whirlwind of emotions. But after what felt like so long a time, Alexander had seen that expression on Adrian's face and knew what to make of it.

The reason behind Adrian's jealousy was love. Love for Sara. To say that the Prince was not at all affected by this would be a perfect lie, because the thought of his best friend falling for the woman who he desired to be his mistress did cause a streak of...resentment was it? Alexander couldn't put his finger on what he felt. But he would hide it, just for now. Besides, there were more important matters on hand.

Just as Alexander walked into the throne room, one of his attendants immediately pounced on him. In that squeaky and timid voice of his, the man approached the Prince, saying, "My liege. Your mother has requested for us to check on your progress of the tasks she'd assigned to you."

The End

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