...and the Knight

It was all Adrian could do to keep from splitting up the prince and the prisoner. Still, he knew that the matter did not involve him, so he kept his mouth shut tightly.

Jealousy boiled within him at the sight of Alexander and Sara laughing over something that he wasn't a part of.

Feeling guilty, Adrian turned away, trying to think of something witty to say. Perhaps if he could make Sara laugh, then the envy in his heart would lessen. But for the first time in his life, no clever remarks came to his mind. Shrugging, he briefly met the prince's eyes.

Alexander was watching him with irritating intuitiveness. "On second thought," the prince said slowly, deliberately, "perhaps we shouldn't meet today. I've got some things to do."

Are you forfeiting Sara to me?

Mood suddenly lightened, Adrian playfully shoved Sara's shoulder. "Pretty good, for a girl," he said. "Alexander was just going easy on you."

Well, it was the truth.

Awkward, Adrian shrugged and watched the prince walk away, leaving the knight and the prisoner alone. 

"What just happened?" Sara asked, turning to Adrian. "Why did he let me win?"

"I reckon he decided something was more important than personal gratification," Adrian said, unable to keep the bite from his tone. Sara had noticed Alexander - really noticed him - for the first time. And it made Adrian feel more threatened than he'd ever felt over anything before in his life.

Sara was smiling up at Adrian, something that caused the knight to cease breathing for a moment.

Was Adrian falling for that scrawny little woman who was barely taller than a child?


The End

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