The Battle Begins...

Adrian cleared his throat, trying to break up the tension that had unknowingly been created between Zahra and Alexander. Rubbing his palms together in excitement, he said, "Shall we get this started?"

The Prince gave a firm nod, eyes unwavering from the deadly silent depths of Zahra's brown ones. She seemed guarded, but he could see the smile that lingered near her lips. Why was she so confident?

"I'm ready when you are," Zahra said, smiling coyly to herself.

"In that case," Alexander brandished his sword and replied coolly, "let us commence."

In that second, one too many things happened. As the audience, Adrian was having a challenging time keeping up but his attentive green eyes managed to take in the scene in front of him, as quick as it had been.

Zahra stepped forward, with a speed that neither Alexander nor Adrian had expected. The sword was aiming to jab Alexander near his abdominal area but Alexander managed to block the attack with one swift defensive movement. The expression in his eyes changed from one of blankness to bewilderment. And Zahra looked satisfied by this.

The next few seconds were contained of thrusts and parries that the two exchanged, more or less coming from Zahra. When Adrian had told her that Alexander was the one to go with the attacking side of the gameplay, he'd also reminded her to take the blow of things. That would be essential.

But Zahra hadn't heeded his advice in the way that Adrian had expected. She hadn't even given Alexander a chance to start his own attacks. And now the Prince himself was using defensive moves, something he'd never had to do. The tables had turned greatly.

A sheen of sweat broke out on Alexander's forehead as his blocks grew more tedious and almost sloppy. He had never been in this position and it startled him to know that a woman could play this well in a sword fight. That was when the truth of it struck him. He'd underestimated Zahra.

And though his desire for the alcohol consumed a part of him, the shining of Zahra’s hazelnut brown eyes, her determined thrusts and fighting moves only proved to Alexander more that she was doing this for his own good. She wasn't fighting for herself, no...she was fighting for him.

In that split second of realization, something clicked inside of Alexander. And Zahra saw it in his eyes. He could have kept his side of the fight going on longer, but he didn't. Their eyes locked in mutual understanding of the one thing that Zahra wanted. Her own eyes widened, disbelieving. She couldn't believe what the Prince was about to do.

The sound of the final clash of the swords reverberated through the air, one of them sailing through the air. The Prince had been disarmed.

The End

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