Getting Ready for the Battle

I can beat him. I know I can.

Zahra's mind rung with those words, pushing her on and creating a determinant, almost blind, force inside of her. She didn't want to place her hopes into something that she didn't know yet would happen but convincing herself at the start that she was a loser wouldn't be helpful at all.

Turning around, she shouted at Adrian who was sat on a vacant seat of the small arena, watching her. "When's your friend going to show up?"

A flicker of a smile appeared on Adrian's lips but before he could answer, he was interrupted. A silky voice spoke out, "I'm ready."

Turning back, Zahra could feel her grip on the handle of her sword tighten. Whether out of nervousness or excitement, she did not know but her heart pounded against her chest unevenly, causing her to lose her breath from time to time.

The grey eyes of the Prince seemed darkened, ridden by the desire of his own to win this sword fight. He had his reasons. She had hers. But in the end, it all narrowed down to the fact that they both went after the same thing: defeating their opponent.

Alexander could tell by the intent look in Zahra's eyes that she wasn't going to show any sympathy on him the moment the gameplay started. She'd challenged him first after all, and he had accepted it in order to maintain his own honor (or what he had left of it).

The rules applied, no matter who he battled, even if it was a woman. Once in the arena and the battle started, there was no considering who they battled personally. All that mattered was winning.

The End

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