Selecting the Sword

He didn't say anything more, continuing to drag her through the unfamiliar twists and turns of the palace. Before she could retort at him with something, the two swerved around the corner and were met by the fantastic view of the room in front of them.

Armory, weapons of many sorts including daggers, longbows, and swords, were all arranged around the room just waiting to be used by the next person who went into duel. Adrian didn't give Zahra the time to admire the view though. Instead, he let go of her hand and walked in himself, looking through the different displays of swords.

"You need a strong one that could be used best in defensive attacks. That's what Alexander does, he specializes in attacking the opponent more than defending himself. Hence, his major weak point is a good opponent who can bear the blow. And you need a sword that should be able to do that, but also aim to swing at the lower half of his body. His base is quite unsettled during the play, and the best way to start attacking him is aiming for his knees or legs and swiping at them. That's an easy way to get the gameplay into your hands."

Zahra raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "Now you're letting out trade secrets?"

Adrian pursed his lips then whispered tightly, knowing he was breaking the rules in one way or another, "Simply informing you."

Zahra stepped forward, taking her side by him as her eyes raked over the various swords in front of her. She smiled at the thought of using one of them and ultimately defeating the Prince, having her way at the end. Yet she knew it was much easier imagined than actually carried out.

"Aha. This will work."

Adrian reached forward with his good arm, knowing by now which moves hurt his still painfully injured shoulder and which didn't. His hand wrapped around the strong handle of the sword, drawing it out. The setting rays of the sun glinted off the shining surface of the sword, giving it a magnificent, if not majestic, tint.

"The iron longsword," Adrian proudly presented with a grin.

"Is this what you use against him?" Zahra asked, eyes not wavering from the beauty of the weapon.

"Yes. But I'll warn you, it's rather heavy when holding it. I'm not sure if a woman can handle it. Besides, I'm not even sure if you're ready an-"

Before he could finish the sentence, Zahra grabbed the sword, tugging it forcedly out of his own grip. Then, she started to swing it around in a boastful manner, trying to show Adrian her full potential in the basic warm-up exercises she'd once taken herself. Finally, she brandished the sword, the peak of it lingering near his forehead.

"Still think I'm unprepared?"

Adrian didn't answer that but instead replied, "It's going to take more than a few twirls and thrusts to win."

"I know. But I can do it." The confidence in her voice almost convinced Adrian but he knew there was yet more to learn.

"We'll see."

The End

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