A Cheater of a Knight

Zahra paced back and forth in her room, her mind replaying the events that had just occurred over the course of the day. A part of her could not believe what she'd done while the other was rather excited at how things had turned out.

She'd challenged a Prince. And not any Prince. It was Alexander. If he wanted that alcohol as much as she thought he did, he'd make sure to win in swordplay. But she wouldn't let that happen.

I need a sword.

Pausing mid-step, her eyes fell on the door, wondering where she could possibly get one. Surely there would be a part of the palace allocated to weaponry and armor. All she'd have to do is find it.

Yet from what she'd seen so far, Zahra was pretty sure none of the attendants would take the courtesy of showing her the way. They were quite distant, only tending to their duties and not attached to the royal family (the Prince) nor his activities.

So what was she going to do?

Before she could take her own step forward and exit herself back into the seemingly endless hallways of the palace, the door creaked open of its own accord and in stepped Adrian.

His brown hair looked tousled, posture exhausted but his green eyes were intent on achieving something. He wanted Zahra to win and she could tell.

"Sara, you have to beat Alexander." The sense of urgency behind his tone almost weighed her down with a pressure she didn't want added to, thank you very much. Yet Zahra could tell Adrian wasn't going to be beating around the bush with her about this.

Crossing the room, he took hold of her arm and lightly dragged her back to hallway.

"We need to get you ready for the duel. The time's been set, and we have an hour more before it begins."

"Whoa, hold on." Zahra dug her feet into the floor, trying to stop the hurried pace at which the two were walking. Adrian looked over his shoulder, frowning. "What are you doing?" She asked in a criticizing tone.

"Helping you," he answered simply.

"No, you're cheating. You're supposed to be neutral!"

Adrian grinned, loosening his hold on Zahra's wrist but tugged softly nonetheless. "The audience can always take a side, Sara." 

The End

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